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Our turnkey approach allows us to take our clients’ from concept to reality. We combine strategy, design and technology to deliver the ultimate solution.

We specialize in providing unique approach in designing health and leisure facilities which allows us to take our client from concept to reality. With our turnkey approach to the industry and extensive knowledge for the market trends, innovation and latest training disciplines we deliver facilities capable of meeting global best practice.

As a leading company in leisure facility design we combine strategy, design and technology in order to deliver the ultimate solution to the ever evolving fitness industry.


Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Study

Our process includes an extensive analysis and evaluation of the client’s vision in order to determine if the facility is: technically feasible and profitable within the estimated budget. We will determine the value of your business and the direction to either grow, franchise or exit.


Design Strategy

Design strategy will help our clients determine what to design, why and how to innovate contextually. This process involves an in-depth study of the market and interplay between strategy, design and technology in order to attain your ultimate project vision.

Site Zoning

Site Zoning

We conduct a full analysis and review of the site location, in terms of the projected number of members, the project and the natural elements, the equipment legend, and the various training disciplines, we then explore the possibilities to create a compelling user experience and customer journey.

facilities planing

Facility Resource Planning

Facility resource planning will ensure your facility is managed and operated by a professional and competent workforce who share your brand values and vision. This improves the effectiveness and efficiency of your facility. It identifies your target market and what services should be offered.


Brand Development

Brand Development

A strong brand is the foundation of every successful business. Our design team bring bright ideas to life through a process of developing your brand vision into a beautifully crafted logo. We will ensure that the usage of your brand is applied correctly across all print and digital applications in a detailed brand guideline.

2D Design

2D Plans

Our architectural design includes shop drawings, sections and elevations, ceiling and floor plans, and detailed material specification sheets. This is documented into a detailed design guideline and is prepared for contractor briefing and execution.

3D Design

3D Visualisation

We explore the initial basic concepts for the design including the layout and the opportunities to enhance the flow and functionality with preliminary schematics and digital mood imagery. We then incorporate textures, lighting, equipment, material finishes and furniture bringing your project vision to life in the form of 3D renders and 3D animations.

project management

Project Management

Our dedicated resource team provide consultation and support during the construction and interior fit-out stage to ensure the client’s vision is attained and design accuracy is achieved in line with the approved 3D renders and design guidelines. We project manage, approve material samples, liaise with suppliers and manage installation.


Web and App Development

Web & App Design

A strong digital presence is key to success. Our technology team will custom design and build your website and mobile application to suit your facility. We leverage the latest technology in order to maximize the customer experience at every touch point, creating a seamless customer journey and ensuring strong brand presence online.

software solutions

Software Solutions

Our unique cloud-based solution is focused on 5 key business domains: member management, client engagement, scheduling, client coaching, invoicing and payments. With one license and one great team behind you, we deliver a total software solution for your business.


Loyalty Partner

BENEFIT engages, motivates and rewards your clients for achieving their goals within your facility. The personal training functionality will help you manage your trainer’s schedule, regulate price points, monitor your trainer’s performance and split profits through an easy payment gateway through one mobile application.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social media platforms have built-in data analytics tools, which enable you to track the progress, success, and engagement. On a strategic level, we are able to manage your social media, increase followers and customers, and engage in your industry, creating a powerful networking tool.

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